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Why Go Solar?

Going solar offers you and your family peace of mind during those storms, a sense of independence, and a feeling that you are actually doing something good.  It is time.

What are my goals with solar? 

Understanding your goals can help us create the perfect system for your family

I'm in it for going green!

Better for the environment.  Reduces your carbon footprint.  Going net zero is positive! Charge your electric vehicle from renewable energy sources. 

My electric bill keeps going up!!

Energy prices are going up continuously these days.  Having a solar system with a battery back up can make your energy usage payment more predictable.  All parts come with a 25 year warranty too!  

The financial aspect

You arrive into a neighborhood with your realtor to look at two homes, it is a McMansion neighborhood where all the homes are the same.  One home is $40k higher in price, but it is completely energy independent with a complete battery back-up system.  In a storm, the power will go out for everyone but you.  The other home you see, is completely tied to the electrical grid and has no back up energy solution.  I would choose the home with zero energy bills on a 3,000sq ft home.

Doomsday Prepper

Complete solar and battery back up systems are designed to efficiently generate and store energy during the day so when you get home in the evening, your batteries take over.  Essentially, you never use the power grid.  You are insulated from any power outages. 

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What is the process for installing solar?

Installing Solar is a construction project.  Countless hours are spent on designing and engineering your solar solution. 


No two families are the same, home sizes differ.  Some homes are all electric, some combine both gas and electric.  We understand that every homes energy use is unique to their lifestyle and everyone has different goals for purchasing solar.  We want to know your goals!  

After your system is customized, we will guide you and be there through the construction process step by step.  Solar technology comes with amazing technological apps that show your energy usage like you have never seen before!  


We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations with your solar purchase!

Documentation & Agreement Process

Once we design your perfect renewable energy solution, we will sign all agreements and move forward with the process. Mosaic will process the loan pre-qualification, and will provide an answer within 1-2 days. 

Site Eligibility

Once approved, we apply for all construction permits, submit site drawings to the township for approval, and order all necessary construction materials. 

This part of the process can take 45-60 days, depending upon the township.

Installation & Permissions

Once we receive the permits to proceed construction, our crew will begin work on your home! 

The solar panels, inverters, battery back-ups, then we test the system for stability and errors.  This part of the process takes about 1 week, weather permitting.  

Utility Connection

Once the system is stable and producing energy, we submit your project to the power company for the Permission to Operate (PTO)!  You will now officially be able to contribute power to the grid!

Solar On!

Solar panels and components also come with a 25 year warranty.  You will have reassurance that if anything goes wrong, you will have coverage.  We have our own trained technicians that specialize in troubleshooting any technical or hardware issues.  We look forward to you being part of our family!


Our Certifications

"Our goal is to help people have the opportunity to lead in the clean energy revolution

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