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Agrivoltaic Farming

Agrivoltaics is the use of land for both agriculture and solar photovoltaic energy generation. It's also sometimes referred to as agrisolar, dual use solar, low impact solar.

 Do crops grow better under solar panels? 

With the world population set to grow by 1.2 billion people in 15 years, the growing demand in both food and energy will grow exponentially.  The best solution is to combine technology with food.  Agrivoltaics combine these technologies and bring us into the future.
Vegetation growing in the shade of the solar panels like lettuce, spinach, potatoes and tomatoes, raspberries all flourish under a canopy of solar panels.

also a game changer is hot and arid regions, the panels keep moisture in the ground because of the shade.

Agrivoltaics are flourishing in the applications that they have been installed in.  Germany and Denmark have tested farms and have seen great results.

To maintain proper local support, agrivoltaic systems should preferably operated by local farms. 

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