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Solar Farms

Extra Land can be used to create a Solar Farm sea of renewable energy! These farms help support the local grid and have their financial benefits as well.  Let us design your solar farm and take your land to the next generation! 

What goes into developing a solar farm?

The average ROI for a traditional solar farm is between 10 to 20%. Most solar farms pay off their system within five to ten years, and then have at least 30 years of free electricity after that. These are just general estimates. Market research of utility companies and land values are essential to a profitable farm.  

Community scale solar facilities that generate around 5MW of electricity for a local community of homes and businesses

starting your own solar farm is a great use of land.  You need about 6-8 acres to generate 1MW of energy and you will need about a million dollars to install 1MW of energy.  Because you have basically just created a power plant, you must take the time to understand how to run and maintain the farm.  


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