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The More Solar the Better, and States Get it!

It's no secret that energy production is at a tipping point these days.  Fuel prices seem to get higher and higher every season.  As our population grows, our energy consumption does as well.  State governments are well aware of the challenges we have in the future and they are doing all they can to promote renewable energy sources.  We do not know if these programs will last forever though.  Now is the best time to take advantage of these programs before funding runs out!  Whether you get solar now, or in 5 years, more than likely every home in the US will have some sort of renewable energy solution. 

Happy hunting discovering the best solution that works for you!  

Through the NY-Sun program, state residents can access rebates of about $300 to $500 per kW on solar installations up to 25 kW. On a 6-kW system, this means you could save up to $1,800 to $1,200.

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